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How To Treat A Seizure

Overview The types of seizures that many people tend to suffer through are not always life-threatening. In fact, these are situations that can be easily managed. Most times, the individual who suffers these seizures are often people who deal with issues such as epilepsy as well as other medical conditions that are known to cause […]

How To Get Rid of A Fever

Overview Generally defined, a fever is whenever there is a rise in body temperature that is well above your normal temperature. Many times, an issue like this is the result of an infection. The normal temperature of the human body is approximately 37 degrees Celsius; however, this amount always varies by about one or two […]

Treating Acute Cystitis

Overview More commonly referred to as a bladder infection, acute cystitis is an inflammation in the bladder that is generally caused by an infection and can cause severe pain. Generally, there are two different types of infection: *Uncomplicated, which mostly occurs in women who have no prior conditions that could have caused this to take […]

How To Treat Muscle Strain

Overview of Muscle Strain There are several types of strains and each strain is categorized as a grade. The grades are as follows: Grade I strain: There are only a few muscle fibers that are torn or stretched. It is still at its normal strength, though it is tender and painful. Grade II strain: This […]

How To Treat Acute Cystitis

Overview Most people know acute cystitis as a bladder infection. This is defined as an inflammation in the bladder that is usually caused by some sort of infection. There are two types of acute cystitis: Uncomplicated occurs in women who have no underlying conditions that could have caused this. These women are usually not pregnant […]

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