June 2013

Lazy Eye

Lazy eye, also called amblyopia, is a development disorder in an eye that results to reduced visual acuity. It starts as soon as infancy to childhood which is often associated with crossed-eyes. Usually, it only affects an eye but reduced visual acuity may also occur on both eyes as well. Nowadays, lazy eye tops the …

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5 Benefits of First Aid You May Have Overlooked

Despite the availability of information online and the accessibility of first aid training courses, many people still do not know even basic first aid which is something rather surprising. This probably because people do not realize how often emergencies actually happen at home, or maybe because people are just too reliant on the emergency medical …

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Airway Obstruction In Children, Part 2 of 2

In the previous post, we have discussed the incidence, mechanism and common causes of airway obstruction in children, and an overview on how to prevent such emergencies. In this second part, we will learn specific recommendations on how to prevent or minimize the risk of airway obstruction. Here are some safety recommendations for preventing choking, …

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Airway Obstruction In Children, Part 1 of 2

[ditty_news_ticker id=”707″] Airway obstruction is one of the leading causes of unintentional deaths and serious injury among very young children under 1, as well as children under 4. When the airway is blocked, either partially or completely, oxygen cannot enter the lungs and vital body organs, particularly the brain and the heart, are deprived of …

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Athlete’s Medical Record

[heading style=”1″]workplace approved CPR Courses talks about the advantage of monitoring athlete’s medical record[/heading] The history begins by gathering general information, such as the individual’s name, sex, age, date of birth, occupation, and activity in which the individual was participating when the injury occurred. This is done by an athletic trainer, clinician or any member …

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