Workplace Approved CPR Courses in Winnipeg

CPR level “C” offers CPR courses in Winnipeg through Winnipeg First Aid. Classes are supplied through St Mark James training and meet or exceed Manitoba Workplace requirements. This Osborne, downtown Winnipeg based provider has been offering courses since 2012 and in the last 3 years, it has rapidly grown to provide a range of different first-aid classes including intermediate, basic and advanced and also stand-alone CPR and AED classes, and recertification courses.

How to Contact this Provider

To contact this premier workplace-approved provider simply use the information posted below:

The Winnipeg Training Office is located just south of downtown Winnipeg in the River Osborne district. Located near Little Italy, it has plenty of local amenities for lunch and breaks. It proudly services the University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg and all local Hospitals, including Saint Boniface Hospital with first aid, basic life support and mask fit testing.

Registration is quick and easy with friendly and helpful staff available to answer your questions. For more information about this training, location checks out the map posted below.

Best Reasons to Enrol With Winnipeg First Aid

Best Teachers in Winnipeg

CPR Training in Winnipeg
CPR Training in Winnipeg

This company places a strong focus on knowledgeable teachers who make use of a number of diverse training methods which help candidates understand and employ the information from the training course. Trainers are mindful, entertaining, and well-informed and emphasize putting fun and interaction into what many companies refer to as dry content.

Fantastic Reviews

With well over 180 Google Reviews this provider almost maintains a perfect 5 star rating. Customer satisfaction is a key component as it ensures high quality training with experienced teachers in comfortable classes at low prices.

Convenient Programs and Courses

An additional key element of Winnipeg First Aid is convenience. Winnipeg first aid concentrates on trying to make the training courses as comfortable and convenient as possible. Training centers are located throughout the entire Winnipeg area. Winnipeg First Aid offers Manitoba approved and CPR / AED instruction in each of its training locations.

Best and Lowest Prices in Winnipeg

This company really encourages its customers to look at the fees of its competition. Winnipeg First Aid has the most affordable prices devoid of hidden charges. All costs encompass tax, instruction resources, books, and certification fees. Students won’t be stunned by any hidden fees. The following is a breakdown of the prices of available courses at Winnipeg First Aid:

  • CPR level “A” and AED – 53.99 (taxes included)
  • CPR level “C” and AED – 53.99 (taxes included)
  • CPR level “HCP” and AED – 53.99 (taxes included)
  • CPR re-certification courses are also available and cost 53.99 (taxes included)

These prices are the lowest in Winnipeg.

Simple Registration 

Enrolment for courses can be quite a headache with many providers as they require to sign up through various e-mail or phone calls with no individual picking up. At Winnipeg, First Aid clients can sign-up any time through an easy and hassle-free online enrolment system. Basically choose the first-aid or CPR class you’re looking for, fill out the signup form and you are registered. In case you have any queries concerning the program if you are considering private training, or if you would like to sign up over the telephone you can call anytime. Emails are typically responded to within a few minutes when e-mailing at

Wide Variety of Courses Available

Customers have got a sizeable choice of courses to pick from that meet anybody’s timetable. The program you require is likely offered nearly every day in almost any major part of the Winnipeg Region. Here is a list of some of the programs available online, in person or in a blended format:

  • Food Safety Certification
  • Intermediate First Aid
  • Basic First Aid
  • Basic Life Support
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training
  • Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS)
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Advanced First Aid
  • CPR level A
  • CPR level C
  • CPR level HCP

Other Services Include:

  • 3M Mask Sales
  • Keychain Pocket Masks
  • First Aid Kit
  • First Aid Supplies
  • CPR Mannequins

Visit Winnipeg First Aid today to sign up for the course that you need. Check out this video provided through Winnipeg First Aid

Did You Know?
Learn first aid and CPR to manage circulatory emergencies
Learn first aid and CPR to manage circulatory emergencies

Canadians over the age of 44 are most likely to die from a circulatory emergency. Circulatory emergencies, which include angina, heart attacks, strokes, transient ischemic attacks (TIA), and deadly bleeding are the leading cause of death for all Canadians over 44. These emergencies are covered in detail in both emergency and standard first aid programs. Candidates will learn the treatment measures, medications, methods of prevention, and management of victims of circulatory emergencies. A key factor in all of these emergencies is for rescuers to never hesitate to contact emergency medical services (EMS). Learn these skills and more by enrolling in a class near you.


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