Canadian CPR Courses in Regina

CPR Training in Regina
CPR Training in Regina

CPR level “C” is a proud partner with Regina First Aid. Programs are featured through St Mark James training all over the Regina metropolitan area. Regina First Aid is a leader in first-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation instruction and has been providing classes since 2008. In the last 3 years, this company has rapidly expanded to offer a variety of different first aid classes, stand-alone CPR courses, and renewal training while maintaining an almost 5 star Google review rating.

Top Reasons to Register with Regina First Aid

Best Teachers in Regina

This company invests a strong focus on good instructors who use a variety of unique training strategies which help the course participants comprehend and employ the information from the class. Course instructors are mindful, entertaining, and knowledgeable and emphasize adding fun and interaction into what many companies consider as mundane material.

Credible Workplace Approved Certification

All of the candidates who complete one of the programs offered at Regina First Aid will get certificates that fulfill necessary workplace and academic standards. All training courses include reputable qualifications that hold value throughout Canada. Popular courses include basic life support, advanced first aid (available in blended on-line format), intermediate first aid (available in blended on-line format) and basic first aid. Recertification’s are also available for these courses.

Central Training Centre

The Regina First Aid training centre is located near Central Regina, near Cathedral, Downtown, Regina’s market square and Pioneer Village. Plenty of transit options are available as well as ample free on-site parking. For more information about the training centre check out the map below.

Comfortable Courses and Locations in Regina

Register for a CPR courseAn additional key component of Regina First Aid is comfort. This business concentrates on making the lessons as pleasant and convenient as feasible. Training establishments are centrally located all over the Regina region. All training centers through Regina First Aid offer workplace-approved first-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Classes are clean and teachers are keen to meet and welcome you into your class.

Best Prices in Regina

This corporation promotes its consumers to check the rates of its competitors. Regina First Aid proudly provides the most affordable prices with no disguised costs. All costs encompass tax, training resources, manuals, and all additional fees. Students won’t be surprised by any kind of hidden costs.

Easy Registration

Enrolment for courses can be quite a hassle with lots of providers since they require signing up thru various e-mails or telephone calls with no one picking up. At Regina First Aid students can register any time via a simple and convenient online registration program. Simply just select the first aid or CPR class you require, fill in the enrollment form and you’re register. In case you have any queries concerning the program, if you are contemplating private training, or if you want to enroll over the phone feel free to call at any time. E-mails are generally answered in minutes when e-mailing at

Variety of Courses

Customers have a substantial choice of courses to select from that suit anybody’s itinerary. The program you require is likely available almost any day in almost any major part of the Regina Area.

First Aid Tips – Wound Care and Bandages

A major component of any first aid kit is having materials to manage bleeding victims. Candidates enrolled in workplace-approved training programs will learn what makes a good dressing bandage for minor and major wounds and how to use the components of a first aid kit. When selecting a dressing for a wound the rescuer should ensure that it is:

  • Sterile or as clean as possible. Preferably in an unopened and sealed package.
  • Absorbent and able to keep the wound dry
  • Large enough to completely cover the wound
  • Non-stick, thick and soft

A common Canadian first aid kit will include the following types of dressing

  • Adhesive dressing
  • Gauze dressing
  • Pressure Dressing
  • Improvised Dressing

To learn how and when to use these dressings enroll in workplace-approved training courses.

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