Workplace CPR Courses in Saskatoon

Workplace approved CPR training in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Workplace-approved CPR training in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

CPR level “C” offers CPR courses in Saskatoon through Saskatoon First Aid. Classes are provided through St Mark James Training all through the Saskatoon metro region. This workplace-approved provider is definitely the leader in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) instruction and has been supplying students and employees with courses since 2008. Within the last 5 years, this provider has rapidly grown to offer a selection of several first aid courses, CPR-only classes, and refresher classes.

Top Reasons to Choose Saskatoon First Aid

Great Workplace Approved Teachers

Register for a CPR courseThis provider places a strong focus on good teachers who make use of various different teaching methods which help the students comprehend and implement the content from the course. Trainers are mindful, engaging, and well-informed and emphasize adding fun and discussion into what most companies refer to as dry content.

Valid Workplace Approved First Aid and CPR Certification Awards

All enrollees who complete one of the courses provided by Saskatoon First Aid will get certificates that satisfy all required workplace and school needs. All of the courses feature reputable qualifications that carry value across Canada.

Convenient Courses and Registration

First Aid and CPR Training
First Aid and CPR Training in Saskatoon

Another key component of Saskatoon First Aid is convenience. Saskatoon first aid focuses on trying to make the courses as pleasant and hassle-free as possible. Training establishments are centrally located throughout the entire Saskatoon area. All locations provide workplace-approved first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation instruction. Lecture rooms are clean and instructors are keen to greet and welcome you to the lesson.

Most Competitive Prices in Saskatoon

This company promotes its clients to check the price ranges of its competition. Saskatoon First Aid proudly has the most competitive rates without any hidden charges. All prices involve tax, teaching materials, books, and certification fees. Candidates won’t be stunned by any kind of secret fees.

Simple Registration Methods

Registration for programs is often a headache with lots of companies requiring customers to sign up through numerous emails or phone calls with no individual answering. At Saskatoon, First Aid clients can sign up at any time via a simple and hassle-free online enrolment program. Basically select the first-aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation course you require, complete the enrolment form and you will be signed up. If you have any questions concerning the class, if you’re considering private lessons, or if you would like to sign up via the phone please call at any time. Emails are normally addressed within a few minutes when e-mailing at

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    Biggest Selection in Saskatoon

    Customers have got a large choice of programs to select from that fit anybody’s itinerary. The training course you desire is most likely available nearly every day in various locations throughout the Saskatoon area.

    First Aid Tips – What Causes Choking?

    Individuals enrolled in workplace-approved training programs will learn to manage and recognize victims that are choking. It is important to have an understanding of the causes of choking. Victims can be either conscious or unconscious when choking.

    Conscious victims can choke on:

    • Anything: it is important to note that almost anything that fits into the mouth is a choking hazard. Eat slowly and sit while you eat to prevent choking.
    • Toys
    • Buttons
    • Keys
    • Grapes
    • Pills
    • Sausages
    • Gum

    Children and the elderly are at the greatest risk of choking.

    Common causes of choking for unconscious victims include:

    • Tongue
    • Saliva
    • Blood
    • Vomit

    To learn about how to manage and recognize choking conscious and unconscious victims sign up for workplace-approved training.

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