CPR HCP Courses

The most advanced CPR training available to Canadians is CPR level “HCP”. This course is also referred to as CPR for healthcare providers and CPR level “C” for healthcare providers. This class takes approximately 6 hours to complete and can be taken in a stand-alone format or partnered with either emergency or standard first aid. Participants will learn all of the rescue techniques and knowledge presented in levels “A” and “C” with additional training for health care providers such as artificial respiration and the usage of bag-valve masks. To register for this course select your location from the menu and complete the registration form.

What Will I Learn In This CPR HCP?

Participants enrolled in CPR HCP training with a credible Canadian Provider will learn the following:

  • CPR HCP Rescue techniques
    Learn the latest CPR HCP Rescue techniques by enrolling in a course today.

    Respiratory and Circulatory Emergencies

  • Partial and fully obstructed airway management (choking rescue techniques)
  • Artificial respiration with and without a barrier device
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation at the latest ILCOR standards
  • When and how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Legal implications of providing first aid / CPR
  • Effective CPR rescue techniques for adults, children, and infants

How Do I Register for this Course?

To register for this course select your location from the menu and complete the online registration form

Are Private CPR HCP Courses Available?

Yes, we can definitely help schedule a private CPR “HCP” course for a group of any size. To book a course or to receive a quote email us at info@firstaidcourses.ca or use our contact us page.

What Are the Prerequisites?

No prerequisites are required prior to registering for the course.

What Certification will I receive?

Participants that successfully complete the skills components and the multiple-choice exam, with a minimum score of 75%, will receive a certificate that meets workplace requirements and is valid for 3 years throughout Canada.


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