Why Register with St Mark James Training

Canadians have the option of selecting from a large number of different first aid and CPR providers. Over 99% of candidates in Canada register with the four major providers which are:

  • St. Johns Ambulance
  • St Mark James Training
  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Vancouver First Aid Ltd.

All of these providers essentially offer the same CPR first aid and CPR courses, however, workplace approved is the leader in training when compared to the other 3. This page will explain why candidates should select workplace approved as their training provider.

Most Affordable Provider:

Compared to the other three major Canadian first aid and CPR provider, workplace approved offers the most competitive prices. For some courses, St. Johns Ambulance charges twice the price as workplace approved.

Most Flexible Re-Certification Provider:

Many providers have very stringent policies with re-certifications. workplace approved is the most flexible provider that offers candidates re-certification courses as long as they have taken a re-cert or full course through a credible provider within the past 5 years. St. Johns Ambulance does not offer re-certifications and other providers require candidates to still have valid certification to attend a renewal course.

Largest Provider:

workplace approved is easily the world leader in first aid and CPR training. workplace approved training providers offer the most courses in the most locations. If you have a tight schedule, you will most likely only be accommodated by a workplace approved training provider.

workplace approved CPR Class
workplace approved CPR Class

Best Instructor Resources and Training:

Instructors for workplace approved have access to large amounts of information and training through a massive on-line workplace approved training resource centre. This in turn allows instructors from workplace approved to be the most creative and knowledgeable instructors. No other provider offers a instructor network like workplace approved.

Best Reading Material:

Some providers, have mediocre reading materials for candidates and or provide no take home manuals or materials for participants. Candidates that would like to have professional and well written manuals should attend a St Mark James training course.

Best Customer Service:

St Mark James Training is the largest provider and offers exceptional customer service throughout the day from anywhere in Canada.

St Mark James Training is easily the leader in first aid and CPR training in Canada. Register with workplace approved today! Check out the video of the latest CPR standards presented through workplace approved. 


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