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Treating Angina

Overview of Angina There are four different types of angina. These are classified according to the time that this lasts and the pain the person is feeling. The four types are: Stable angina: In this type of angina, the heart is working harder to pump blood. Stress, physic al exertion and cold temperatures can interrupt […]

How To Treat A Fever

Overview A fever is classified as an increase in the body temperature that is above the normal body temperature. In most cases, a fever is caused by some sort of infection. Most people have a normal body temperature of 37’C. The normal temperature can fluctuate by a degree or two based on the individual, and […]

How To Treat Chest Pain

Overview When anyone has pain in their chest, they need to realize that this could be serious, thus, they should seek medical attention as soon as possible. In many cases, the pain that is felt in the chest is caused by weak blood flow into the heart. This weak flow leads to angina or a […]

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