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Injuries To The Head And Skull

Overview Of Head Injuries Injuries sustained to the head should always be taken seriously as there might be damage to the brain. At times, this damage might not be clear for hours after the injury takes place. Cracked skulls, brain compression’s and concussions are tricky for a first aider to verify, and therefore all injuries sustained […]

How To Get Rid Of Fever Blisters

What are Blisters? Happens due to resistance caused by regular rubbing of shoes and clothing. External layer of the skin detaches from the inner layer. The space in-between fills up with liquid. Blisters are common with sports people, hikers and rowers. Also seen in individuals wearing new shoes. Blisters can be prevented. Fever Blisters  Fever blisters […]

How To Treat Poisoning

Overview Of Poisoning Every year hundreds of individuals from all age groups need medical assistance for poisoning from goods generally found around the home. These products consist of medications, cleaning agents, peroxides, swimming pool agents, pesticides, gasoline and cosmetics. Symptoms and dealing with poisoning is influenced by which poison is taken, the amount that was […]

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