CPR “C” versus CPR “HCP”

This page is dedicated to explaining the difference between CPR level “C” and CPR “HCP” which is also known as CPR level “C” for health care providers. Both courses are offered by the major first aid and CPR providers in Canada and both courses include basic CPR techniques for rescuing adult, child and infant victims. workplace approved includes training in recognition and treatment for victims of cardiovascular disease for both courses. Re-certification courses are available for both of the stand-alone CPR courses. When registering for a standard first aid course candidates can select either CPR “C” or CPR “HCP”.  Finally, both courses are completed in almost the identical amount of time and cost almost the same amount.

What Makes CPR “HCP” So Special

CPR “HCP” includes all of the material taught in CPR “C”, however, it also includes more information that health care workers are required to know. Since health care providers work in a team, CPR “HCP” includes more training in two person rescues. Furthermore, health care environments have more advanced equipment such as bag valve masks. Candidates enrolled in

CPR "C" and "HCP" Training Mannequins
CPR “C” and “HCP” Training Mannequins

CPR “HCP” will learn to use bag valve masks in one or two person rescue scenarios. Furthermore, since candidates in the health care industry have the luxury of having multiple rescuers, applying a pulse check into the CPR techniques is effective. Candidates will learn ventilation only rescues and to reassess victims during CPR rescues. Candidates will learn about the ratios of breaths and compressions for multiple rescuer scenario’s and for victims that have circulation but are not breathing. Candidates will also learn about how to open airways if a victim has a suspected or known spinal injury.

Longer Training

CPR “HCP” is a more advanced level of CPR training that is applicable to people that work in the health care industry. Candidates trained in CPR “HCP” are taught that regular CPR “C” techniques be used when outside the workplace. The two courses are very similar, however, CPR “HCP” has approximately an additional hour of material and skills for rescuers to learn.

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