How Long is My CPR Certificate Valid for?

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A frequent question from participants is how long is my CPR certificate for? 1 year or 2 or is it even 3? Can it please be 3 years?

Different Providers Mean Different Certificates

The length of your certification varies depending on the provider you receive your certificate from. It varies from 1 to 3 years. Some Red Cross providers issues 1 year certificates. The Lifesaving Society issues certificates that are only valid for 1 year. St Mark James Training issues certificates that are valid for 3 years. The same can be said for St. Johns Ambulance.

Does it Matter When my Certificate Expires?

Ultimately the time it takes between certification is entirely dependent on your employer. If you’re employer states that you must re-certify your certificate every year it does matter what your certificate states, you must re-certify every year. However, if your employer states that your certificate is valid for 3 years then you must re-certify every 3 years unless your certificate expires yearly. If your certificate expires within that time you may be required to re-certify sooner. It may be wise to play it safe and re-certify with a provider that issues 3 year certificate.




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