Workplace Approved CPR Courses in South Edmonton

First Aid CPR Courses in Edmonton Instructors
First Aid Course Instructors in Edmonton

CPR level “C” offers CPR courses in Edmonton through Edmonton First Aid. Lessons are offered through a workplace-approved provider all over the Edmonton metropolitan region. This business is a leader in first-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training in your location and has been delivering programs since 2008. In just the last 6 years this company has rapidly evolved to provide a number of first aid classes, CPR-only programs, and re-certification training courses. Learn how to manage a variety of emergencies and how to stay safe by enrolling in Alberta OH&S-approved first aid and CPR courses today using the registration information provided below.

Register for Alberta OH&S Workplace Approved First Aid and/or CPR Courses in South Edmonton Here

More courses are available on the Edmonton First Aid website. Use the following contact information for more details and classes available in Edmonton:

Friendly customer service representatives are available to help with questions or registration between 8 am and 7 pm.

Facility Information

The main training location, located just south of Whyte Avenue in Old Strathcona, provides plenty of free parking and nearby amenities. Public transportation is also available in the area.

Credible Certification

All of the candidates that finish one of the programs offered at Edmonton First Aid will receive accreditations that fulfill all necessary workplace and/or school criteria. All of the programs feature legitimate certifications that hold value throughout Canada (they are nationally accredited awards).

Convenient Workplace Approved Courses

Another key component of Edmonton First Aid is convenience. This company focuses on trying to make the training courses as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. Training facilities are located throughout the entire Edmonton region and offer workplace-approved first-aid and CPR instruction. Classrooms are clean and trainers are keen to meet and invite you to the class. The following is a list of courses offered with Edmonton First Aid that meet OH&S approvals:

  • Standard First Aid – Also known as Intermediate First Aid
  • Emergency First Aid – Also known as Basic First Aid
  • Advanced First Aid

The Following CPR and BLS Courses are Available:

  • CPR level C
  • CPR level HCP – Also known as Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • CPR level A

All the above listed courses state AED certification and include AED training.

Lowest Prices in Edmonton

This corporation encourages its customers to look at the rates of its competitors. Edmonton First Aid proudly has the lowest prices with no disguised charges. All prices include taxes, teaching materials, books, and any additional fees. Students won’t be surprised by any secret costs or hidden fees.

Exceptional Instructors

Edmonton First Aid has a substantial focus on good trainers who use a variety of different teaching strategies that help the students comprehend and apply the material from the class. Instructors are patient, interesting, and knowledgeable, and focus on placing fun and interaction into what a lot of companies consider dull material. Participants will learn the latest standards and techniques using hands-on training, videos, power-points, group activities, presentations, and a variety of interactive activities designed for participants to get the most out of these classes.

Instructors follow the latest techniques as shown in this workplace-approved first aid training video:

Simple Registration

Registration for classes can be quite a headache with lots of providers as they require signing up thru various e-mails or phone calls with no one picking up. At Edmonton, First Aid participants can register at any time by way of an easy and convenient online registration system. Simply just select the first aid or CPR / AED training course you require, complete the signup form, and you are signed up. For those who have inquiries concerning the class, if you’re interested in private lessons, or if you would like to sign up via the telephone you can call anytime. E-mails are typically answered in minutes when emailed at

Huge Selection of Workplace Approved Courses

Customers have a large range of courses to pick from that fit anybody’s schedule. The program you require is likely offered almost any day in various locations throughout the Edmonton Region. Check out the following list of courses available with this provider:

  • Standard first aid (includes CPR and AED)
  • Emergency first aid (includes CPR and AED)
  • Standard childcare first aid (includes CPR and AED)
  • CPR level “A”
  • CPR level “C”
  • CPR level “HCP”
  • Enform H2S Alive
  • Private infant CPR training
  • TDG
  • Food Safety
  • Pet first aid and CPR
  • Confined Space Entry

Other services available with this provider:

  • Workplace safety audits
  • AED maintenance
  • First aid and AED sales
  • First-aid attendant rentals
  • First aid supply rentals

For more information about available courses, products, and/or services use the contact information provided above.

Did You Know?

Candidates enrolled in workplace-approved programs will learn about two different kinds of diabetic emergencies, hypoglycemia, and hyperglycemia. Both of them have almost identical signs and symptoms, however, only one, hypoglycaemic patients, will have a positive reaction to sugar. Hyperglycemia patients do not have enough insulin to process the sugars in the body so providing a sugary substance will have no negative effect. In other words, if you suspect a victim is suffering from a diabetic emergency, provide him or her with a sugary drink or snack and contact EMS. To learn more about recognizing and managing diabetic emergencies sign up for a workplace-approved course.

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