Approved CPR Courses in Ottawa

CPR level “C” is proudly partnered with Ottawa First Aid. Programs are supplied through workplace approved all through the Ottawa metro region. This company is the leader in 1st aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation instruction in Ottawa and has been offering classes since 2009. In the past 5 years this company has rapidly evolved to provide a selection of several first aid courses, CPR only programs and re-certification training.Register for a CPR course

Reasons to Register with Ottawa First Aid

Best Instructors in Ottawa

This provider invests a strong focus on strong trainers who make use of various unique training approaches which help students comprehend and employ the material from the training course. Course instructors are patient, engaging and well-informed and focus on placing fun and interaction into what a lot of companies refer to as dull material.

Credible Certificates

All enrollees that complete one of the programs provided by Ottawa First Aid will receive certificates that satisfy a number of required workplace and educational requirements. All of the training courses feature reputable qualifications that carry value all through Canada.

Convenient Registration and Courses

An additional key element of Ottawa First Aid is convenience. This company focuses on making the courses as comfortable and hassle-free as feasible. Training facilities are centrally located through the entire Ottawa area. Classes are well maintained and teachers are eager to greet and welcome you into your training course.

workplace approved CPR Instructors

workplace approved CPR Instructors in Ottawa

Lowest and Most Competitive Prices in Ottawa

This company really encourages its consumers to check the fees of its competition. Ottawa First Aid proudly offers lowest rates devoid of hidden expenses. All costs encompass tax, teaching resources, manuals and workplace approved fees. Participants will not be stunned by any kind of hidden expenses.

Simple and Straight-Forward Registration

Sign up for training courses can be quite a headache with many companies as they require sign up through several e-mails or telephone calls with nobody answering. At Ottawa First Aid clients can register anytime via a basic and hassle-free online enrollment system. Simply choose the first-aid or CPR / AED course you require, complete the sign up form and you’re registered. For those who have any questions in regards to the class, if you are interested in private lessons, or if you want to register through the phone feel free to call anytime. E-mails are generally addressed in minutes when mailing at

Large Selection of Courses

Customers have got a sizeable selection of programs to select from that fit anybody’s schedule. The program you need is likely available almost any day in various locations throughout the Ottawa Area.

Register for Workplace Approved CPR Courses in Ottawa Here

Registration for courses is amazingly simple. You can begin your on-line registration just below. Or you can contact them via email at

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    First Aid Tips

    A key component of workplace approved training programs is the prevention of contamination and using barrier devices when providing aid. From the moment the victim gets injured with a minor or major wound there is a potential for infection. That potential for infection continues until the wound is completely healed. Candidates enrolled in first aid classes will learn which materials to use from a first aid kit and how to use them. Equipment such as:

    • Triangle Bandages
    • Non-Stick Sterile Gauze
    • Drainage Dressing
    • Adhesive Tape

    When providing care and preventing the risk of infection it is important for rescuers to complete the following tasks:

    • Wash your hands with disinfectant / soap
    • Use gloves
    • Try not to cough or breath directly onto or over the wound
    • Wash any material associated with the injury and dry surrounding areas with clean dressing (gauze).
    • Use a anti-biotic cream if available.

    Enrol into a class today to learn these and many more skills.

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