Workplace Approved CPR Courses in Calgary

CPR Level “C” is proudly partnered with Calgary First Aid to offer workplace-approved first aid and CPR training in the Calgary area. This company has a strong focus on providing exceptional courses, with quality First Aid Training Room Calgaryinstructors, in comfortable classes all at the lowest prices. Courses include standard, emergency, and childcare first aid as well as stand-alone CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) training. Renewal courses are also available for participants that need to renew expiring certificates. This page will outline the top reasons why Calgary First Aid is the premium provider of workplace-approved first aid and CPR and Food Safety courses in the Calgary region.

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Workplace Approved CPR Course Prices

First Aid Training Facility in Calgary
First Aid Training Facility in Calgary

Calgary First Aid is committed to having the lowest prices in the region. All prices shown below include tax. The following are the prices for workplace-approved CPR Training in Calgary.

  • CPR level “A” and AED- 58.99
  • CPR level “C” and AED – 69.99 – Re-Certification – 54.99
  • CPR level “HCP” and AED – 69.99 – Re-Certification – 64.99

All prices include taxes, certification fees, and CPR and AED training manual. No hidden costs.

Check out the price comparison with Workplace Approved Providers in Calgary

Calgary First Aid 58.99 69.99 69.99
Titan Health and Safety 60.00 80.00 80.00
Alberta Health and Safety Training Institute NA 80.00 80.00
Health Education NA 70.00 70.00
The Safety Group 80.00 80.00 80.00

Contacting This Workplace Approved Training Provider

This provider has long business hours and answers emails within a matter of minutes. Feel free to visit the website of this provider for more information by clicking the “Calgary First Aid” link above.  Private courses are also available.

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 587-774-5317
  • Training Centre in Northeast: 3359 27 St NE #110, Calgary, AB T1Y 4T7
  • Central Calgary Training Centre: 750 11 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3N7
  • Training Centre in South: 610 70 Ave SE Unit #201, Calgary, AB T2H 2J6

Training Locations

This provider has several training locations throughout Calgary and offers private courses for large or small groups at amazing rates. Three training centres are located throughout the city with one in each quadrant.

The Central Calgary Training Centre

The central Calgary Training Centre is located just north of Downtown Calgary serving areas such as the University of Calgary, Sunalta, Beltline, Crescent Heights, Renfrew, Lower Mount Royal and Mission. This training centre has a main floor entrance with easy accessibility. It is near transit and has plenty of parking nearby at great rates. For more information about the classroom please view the map below.

The South Calgary Training Centre

The south Calgary Training centre is situated near Glenmore Trail, Highway 2 and Macleod Trail which makes it easy access via car. Plenty of free on-site parking is also available. It proudly offers a variety of OH&S approved courses including advanced, basic and intermediate first aid to individuals living in Willow Park, Acadia, Haysboro, Meadowlark Park, Bonnybrook, Southeast and Southwest Calgary. For more information about this training centre check out the map below:

The North Calgary Training Centre

Located Northeast of downtown Calgary, this training centre proudly serves the neighbourhoods of Whitehorn, Martindale, Rundle, Pineridge, Tuxedo, Highland Park, Mayland Heights and Vista Heights. This large, easily accessible training centre has plenty of space for free parking and easy flat access to the main floor classroom (no stairs). For more information about the location of this training centre check out the map below:

Quality Standards

This workplace-approved training provider offers the highest quality standards with stringent audits of its instructors, facilities and equipment. It follows strict cleanliness protocols to ensure a clean and safe environment.

Compare the Major Providers in Calgary

Provider Combined Renewal and Full Courses Lowest Prices in Calgary Highest Number of Workplace Approved Programs
Calgary First Aid No Yes Yes
Titan Health and Safety Yes No No
Alberta Health and Safety Training Institute  Yes No No
Health Education  Yes No No
The Safety Group  Yes No No


Top 5 Reasons to Register with Calgary First Aid

1. The Lowest Prices. Calgary First Aid is committed to offering the very lowest prices in first aid and CPR training with no hidden costs. Courses are offered for as low as 55 dollars.

2. The Best Teachers. Without entertaining, knowledgeable, and interactive instructors the courses would be painful. Calgary First Aid only employs the best teachers for the job that make the experience as enjoyable and educational as possible.

3. The Best Classrooms. First aid, food safety, and CPR training would be difficult and uncomfortable if the classrooms were dirty, unkempt, and small. Calgary First Aid offers large, clean, and well-maintained classes to make the learning experience comfortable.

4. The Most Classes. With several different training facilities and courses running throughout the week, Calgary First Aid has become the number 1 provider of workplace-approved first aid training in the Calgary region. If our courses don’t meet your schedule, nobody’s will.

5. Easy Registration. Registering for first aid and CPR courses through other providers can be a difficult process. Some require candidates to send several emails and others require a long phone call. While these processes are also available at Calgary First Aid, candidates can easily and quickly register for courses through a simple online registration system. Candidates can simply complete the registration form of the selected type, date, and time of the course they wish.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns or to book an infant or private first aid course with you, a group or your company feel free to first aid via email at or visit the website at

Most Qualified Instructors

Calgary First Aid provides the most qualified and highest certified instructors. All candidates will learn the latest techniques in workplace-approved CPR training as shown in the following video:

Did you Know?

Your workplace-approved CPR level “C” and AED certificate can be used as a substitute for a CPR level “A” or “B” award. The components of both programs are included in CPR level “C” and candidates can show the level “C” award where any of these three awards are required. CPR level “C” for health care providers (CPR “HCP”)  is the only level of CPR training that is here than CPR “C” and candidates can not use their level “C” award to substitute a CPR “HCP” certificate. For more information about any of these CPR, programs contact one of our local providers through our training locations page.

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