Canadian CPR Courses in Nanaimo

workplace approved programs are offered at various schedules and rates with Nanaimo First Aid. There is a large selection of programs to choose from, with a variety of first aid and CPR courses available to students. More details can be found on the Nanaimo First Aid website, along with an application form you can use to sign up. With Nanaimo First Aid, students get high quality training from workplace approved instructors at very affordable rates. Find a program that suits your need and sign up today.

Getting trained in CPR

red cross cna course
workplace approved Instructor teaching a CPR lesson

workplace approved CPR training program

Aside from the first aid program that includes CPR training, there are stand-alone cardiopulmonary resuscitation programs also available at Nanaimo First Aid. There are three categories of training that students have to choose from, depending on their needs:

  • CPR A lasts 4 hours and teaches students how to perform CPR and use automated external defibrillators (AEDs) on adult victims
  • CPR C lasts 5 hours and teaches students how to perform CPR and use AEDs on adult and pediatric victims
  • CPR HCP lasts 6 hours and is targeted towards those working in health care, teaches students how to perform CPR and use AEDs on adult and pediatric victims

To pass any of these programs, a student needs to have full attendance, adequate demonstration of skills, and 75% or better in the written exam. Once a student completes all these requirements, he or she is awarded a certificate by workplace approved.

workplace approved First Aid and CPR Training Equipment in Edmonton
Adult and pediatric training mannequins for CPR and AED training

workplace approved certificate

workplace approved certificate given to the students is wallet-sized and loses validity after three years. Nanaimo First Aid does not recognize expired certification and does not renew them; therefore, students are required to keep their certificates valid through recertification programs.

Recertification: keeping a certificates’ validity

Recertification is available several times throughout the week, lasting 4 hours for CPR C and HCP. Recertification for CPR A is not available at this provider. Only those with valid or non-expired certificates can apply for a recertification program.

Signing up

Students can use a number ways to choose and sign up for a program. The most popular is using the application form on the website that allows students to choose a CPR category and schedule for training. Likewise, e-mails and telephone calls can also be used, the latter only during business hours. Walk-ins are highly encouraged as well.

Total training fees

The complete training fees for CPR training can be paid during enrolment, so students don’t have to think about paying expenses while training. The total fees include:

  • The lowest tuition fees
  • Taxes
  • Manuals
  • Certificates
  • Registration with the Canadian red Cross

In the case that a student drops out, he or she is entitled to a complete reimbursement. Students should just remember to inform the staff at least three days before dropping out.

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