Basic and Advanced CPR

CPR Training

CPR teaches the components of rescue CPR for adult, child and infant victims. Over half a million people die every year from cardiac arrest. A quick response from a CPR “C” trained rescuer can help save a life. The material learned in this workplace approved course can save the life of a victim of any age.

All of our CPR courses involve hands on training with life sized mannequins specifically designed for CPR training. Candidates will learn via hands on training to properly ventilate and provide chest compression’s for an unconscious victim.

Practise using pocket mask and bag valve mask in CPR training courses.

Practise using pocket mask and bag valve mask in CPR training courses.

Rescue Choking Victims:

Basic life support, BLS and CPR level “C” also teaches every day people on how to rescue choking victims. Choking victims range from conscious and unconscious and involve mild and full obstructions. Pediatric life support, advanced cardiac life support and all basic life support courses including CPR level “C” teach candidates when and how to react to a victim of any age and obstruction severity.

Course Costs:

The cost of a CPR course varies by location and by provider. Our training providers are partnered with St Mark James Training and the American Heart Association to provide the best instructional classes at the lowest prices. For more information about the provider in your region and the specific costs visit our locations page. The following will list the average price of a full or re-certification stand-alone CPR course offered by our providers.

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) – 44.99
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) – 144.99
  • Pediatric Advanced  Life Support (PALS) – 154.99
  • CPR level “C” – 55.00
  • CPR level “A” – 45.00
  • CPR level “C” re-certification – 35.00
  • CPR level “A” re-certification – 30.00

All courses include certification and training in the utilization of automated external defibrillators (AED).

Registration Policies:

CPR courses are available in many of our comfortable and convenient locations. Our CPR classes are also the most affordable and with our 100% refund policy within 72 hours we offer peace of mind and flexible registration.

CPR Level “A” and CPR Level “B”:

Other CPR classes that we offer include CPR level “A”, which involves CPR for adult patients, and CPR level “B”, which involves CPR for child patients. Both of these components are included in CPR “C” which includes additional components for infant rescue.

CPR and AED Training:

AED training is involved in every workplace approved CPR course. Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) drastically improve chances of recovery for victims in cardiac arrest. Hands on training in the use of AED will be provided in our classes with AED trainers which are designed to mimic the use of actual AED’s.


To register for a CPR “C” course select your location from the locations page. Once you select your course you will be directed to a page for your location. All of the website that we are partnered with offer a comfortable, secure and convenient registration process. Candidates can complete all of the registration and payment through secure on-line registration forms.

Workplace Approved Certification:

Canadian that successfully complete the course will receive a 3 year certificate that is workplace approved. This certificate is nationally accredited and valid throughout Canada. It meets government and legislative standards for your area. Participants that enrol in American Heart Association courses will receive 2 year certifications from that provider.


We also  provide re-certification courses for all of its stand-alone CPR courses except for CPR level “A”. Renewal courses are cheaper and shorter than the original course. Visit the re-certification pages to check and see if you are eligible for a renewal course. Candidates must meet prerequisites prior to registering for a re-cert course.

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