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How To Treat And Prevent Bronchitis

Overview Of Bronchitis Acute bronchitis is a temporary breathing infection that might be referred to as a chest cold. In bronchitis, the bronchi become swollen and creates more phlegm. Causes Of Bronchitis In most cases, acute bronchitis is triggered by a virus-related infection. There are times when it might be produced by a bacterial infection. Risk […]

How To Treat Asthma

Overview Of Asthma Asthma is a long-term (chronic) lung disorder. Air passages become constricted and swollen. This leads to breathing problems and wheeziness. Asthma goes from mild to quite severe. Some individuals have only occasional, minor symptoms. Other people have continuous symptoms with severe flare-ups that can be deadly. When an asthma attack occurs, the […]

How To Treat Frostbite

Overview Of Frostbites Frostbite occurs when the skin is damaged due to extreme cold. At -15C or below, the veins and blood vessels tighten to sustain body heat. When the tissues continue to constrict, tissue damage takes place. Frostbite generally damages tissues which are far from the heart. It also takes place in tissues that are […]

Dressing A Wound The Correct Way

Overview Of Wound Dressing Small cuts and grazes can be taken care of at home or while traveling on the road. Bigger lacerations might have to be dressed till medical assistance arrives. Hygiene is important when dressing wounds. Steps To Apply Stay protected. If you are not the casualty, perform standard safety measures and wear protective gear if you have access […]

Treating Cuts And Lacerations

Overview Of A Cut Or Laceration A cut signifies damage to the skin including damage to the connective tissue. It is different from an abrasion (an injury caused by rubbing or scraping); none of the skin is absent – the skin just appears separated. A cut is usually thought of as a wound from a piercing object (like […]

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