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Wound dressings

There are two types of wound dressings available in the market – the gauze-based dressings and the paste bandages such as the zinc paste bandages. The characteristics of a good dressing includes it capacity to absorb and maintain moisture as well as antibacterial. Different types of wound dressings When it comes to first aid, it […]

Back Injuries – Preventing Back Pain The Natural Way

Whatever we do to prevent back pains, chances are this could still happen to us. Even the simplest movements can cause back pain – bending over to reach something that has dropped, moving furniture from one place to another, and lifting heavy objects without proper positioning. Reality is back pains are inevitable, but they could […]

Abdominal Wounds

First Aid Classes – Abdominal Wounds Abdominal wounds can be very serious, even life-threatening for the patient, particularly crush injuries and stab or gunshot wounds according to workplace approved Training. Due to the area of the body, there could be possible damage to organ and major blood vessels deep in the body. The concern is […]

Managing Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness Motion sickness refers to a condition in which your brain receives signals that are incoherent with the signals sent from the eyes, ears, joints and muscles. The type of sickness varies among individuals as some experience airsickness or seasickness while travelling by plane or ship while many even experience car sickness while travelling […]

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