Cardiogenic Shock

Cardiogenic shock occurs when the heart’s contractility in pumping blood throughout the body is impaired and the supply of oxygen rich blood is not reaching the vital organs of the body for nourishment. The cause of cardiogenic shock  is known as either coronary or noncoronary in nature. Coronary cardiogenic shock is more common than noncoronary cardiogenic …

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First Aid Certification – Saving People with Mental Illness or Depression

Research shows that majority of people who committing suicide suffer from one form of mental illness or depression or the other. Suicide is one of the three major causes of death among people from teenage age to middle age. There is a good chance that you might have or will encounter someone close to you …

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Preparing for Biological Emergencies

Biological emergencies refer to situations where there is a spread of infective micro-organisms or substances that lead to illnesses. Viruses, bacteria, and poisons cause biological emergencies. These unwanted micro-organisms can be spread into the air, put into drinking water, or used to contaminate food products. It is also possible for viruses and bacteria to spread through …

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      Keratitis refers to the inflammation of the clear dome shaped tissue covering the front part of one’s eye-cornea.  It may either be infectious or non-infectious and sometimes not associated with an infection. Infectious keratitis are basically caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites or fungi whereas non-infectious keratitis on the other hand, may more or less …

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