Medical adhesive tape

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A medical tape is utilized for locking dressings or medical equipment like a catheter. Medical tapes can be made from different kinds of material and different levels of adhesive backing, depending on the purpose of the tape. There are four types of medical adhesive tape – paper tape, cloth tape, porous tape and the foam tape. These can be used when delivering first aid care and medical treatments.

  • Paper tape – it is basically a paper tape with adhesive on one side. It has many uses such as for surgical dressing and also for packing.
  • Cloth tape – is made of silk and polyester and gives strong and mild bond. Cloth tape is used for securing tubing and catheters. Cloth tape is breathable, not water resistant and proper care should be used when using cloth tape on skin and surface that have the possibility of getting wet.
  • Porous tape – it is a clear, breathable and water resistant tape. This tape allows you to see the skin below the tape and is good for dressings or devices that require monitoring such as the intravenous line. There are small holes or perforations allowing the tape to breathe easily, and it is simple to cut into preferred lengths and widths.
  • Foam tape – this type of tape can be stretched and sticks to the area of the body. Used for bandaging and taping over joints like the elbow or knee and palm of the hand. Foam tape is waterproof and hypoallergenic.

Surgical tape is also known as medical tape. It is used for securing bandages, closing wounds and adding extra support to a newly stitched wound.

Medical adhesive tape
Medical tapes can be made from different kinds of material and different levels of adhesive backing, depending on the purpose of the tape.
  • Porous surgical tape – it is the basic kind of surgical tape. They are very thin which makes it similar to paper. It is made from fine woven rayon fibres allowing the skin to breathe.
  • Medicated surgical tape – it is a type of surgical tape where a steroid flurandrenolide is incorporated into the fibers of the tape to be absorbed by the skin. It is used to reduce the irritation and allergies caused by the long term use of regular surgical tape.

Micropore surgical tape is a latex-free, paper tape. It is for use on people with thin and fragile skin as well as for securing small to medium dressings. It is also used for lightweight tubing and ostomy pouches. An ostomy pouch is a plastic bag that you wear outside of your body to collect your stool after a surgery on the colon or small intestines. Micropore tape is also used after a plastic surgery to lessen scar formation.

How to apply micropore tape on a scar

  1. First, you have to follow the surgeon’s direction for post-surgery treatment. Wait for about 2 weeks after the surgery before using the micropore tape.
  2. Place the micropore tape over the wound.
  3. If you take a bath, remove the tape before taking a bath.
  4. Dry the affected area.
  5. Place a fresh micropore tape over the wound.
  6. The tape must be used for 24 hours (excluding times when taking a bath) every day for 6 weeks to minimize scarring.

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