How To Get Rid Of Fever Blisters

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What are Blisters?

  • Happens due to resistance caused by regular rubbing of shoes and clothing.
  • External layer of the skin detaches from the inner layer.
  • The space in-between fills up with liquid.
  • Blisters are common with sports people, hikers and rowers.
  • Also seen in individuals wearing new shoes.
  • Blisters can be prevented.

Fever Blisters 

Blisters are common in sports people, hikers and rowers
Blisters are common in sports people, hikers and rowers
  • Fever blisters emerge either in or around the mouth.
  • Fever blisters are caused by a disease, known as Herpes Simplex.
  • Type-1 Herpes virus generally involves fever blisters.
  • These blisters are infectious.
  • Recurring episodes can take place.
  • Recurring blisters are due to anxiety, sickness, injury or sunlight.

Symptoms Of Blisters

  • Skin might appear like bubbles around the blister.
  • Redness over the affected area.
  • Itching.
  • Throbbing sensation.

Treatment For Blisters

  • Create a hole at the border of the blister.
  • Use an antiseptic needle.
  • You can sterilize the needle by holding over a flame.
  • Drain the build up of fluid.
  • Keep the skin together to avoid infection.
  • Rinse the blister with a gauze and using some alcohol.
  • Apply antibiotic cream.
  • Cover with an adhesive dressing for a small blister.
  • Use an absorbent dressing for large blisters.
  • Do not pierce a blister if it’s sore.
  • Do not pierce a blister filled with blood.
  • Blisters vanish within a couple of days.
  • Diabetics have to phone a doctor.

Managing Fever Blisters

  • There is no permanent treatment for Herpes infection.
  • Keep blisters dehydrated and free of infection.
  • Consume a balanced diet.

Prevention Of Blisters

  • Buy the correct size shoe.
  • Cover the affected area with taping.
  • Keep your feet dry.

Fever Blisters – What To Do?

  • Don’t touch your blisters.
  • Don’t touch people who have blisters.
  • Avoid stressful situations

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