5 Benefits of First Aid You May Have Overlooked

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Basic First Aid Training
Basic First Aid Training

Despite the availability of information online and the accessibility of first aid training courses, many people still do not know even basic first aid which is something rather surprising. This probably because people do not realize how often emergencies actually happen at home, or maybe because people are just too reliant on the emergency medical services. But knowing how to respond in an emergency is crucial. Learning basic first aid skills increases the chances of survival and improves the outcome of the victim. Moreover, if you are a mum or dad, you do not want to just stare idly while your child is choking, bleeding or asphyxiating. By knowing first aid, you can provide initial treatment while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. So here are five reasons why you should consider taking child and infant first aid course.

Prompt action

Although response time of EMS has significantly improved, you will most likely need to wait at least a couple of minutes before the ambulance arrives. Staring at an unconscious, choking child even for just a few minutes could seem like a lifetime. If you know first aid, you could provide initial treatment while waiting for help to arrive. This improves the outcome of the child and prevents serious complications.

Become aware of risks

If you know how to address common medical emergencies in children, then you can probably spot potential hazards in your home. Since you can anticipate accidents, you can therefore prevent them by clearing all hazards, educating children about risks, installing safety devices, and implementing rules. In child and infant first aid training course, participants are also taught how to ensure safety at home. Moreover, if you know how the common emergencies and accidents in children, you’ll likely go beyond to ensure their safety.

Targeted training

While the principles of first aid and CPR are the same, the techniques used for children and infants are quite different from that of adults. By enrolling in a pediatric first aid training course, you will learn the appropriate life-saving techniques in case of childhood emergencies.

Prevent further harm and injury

Parents who lack training in child and infant first aid can make a terrible mistake while attempting to care for their child. Instead of doing good, improper actions can cause further harm. For instance, if a child falls from height, an untrained parent may move the child right away which could only cause further neck injuries. The appropriate action is not to move the child while waiting for paramedics or to stabilize the neck and neck.

Peace of mind

It definitely gives peace of mind knowing that you are equipped with essential life-saving skills should tragedy occurs in the home. You need not wait for professional help to respond as you are confident about your skills. It is very important that you have this peace of mind so that you can think well while waiting for professional help to arrive.

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