Giving First Aid For Poison

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First aid for Poisoning
Managing and recognizing poison emergencies is not difficult with first aid training.

First aid for poison is a very confusing area in first aid treatment because there are a wide variety of poisons and both can have diverse effects to the body. Participants enrolled in workplace first aid and CPR courses will learn to recognize and manage poison related emergencies. From a first aider view, poison is any substance that can cause harm to the body. There are different ways in which poison can get into the body, for instance, it can be taken through the mouth, get into the eyes, or get absorbed into the body through the skin.

How to Carry Out the First Aid

When you suspect that a person has taken poison, first look around to find out whether there are any indications of poison such as bottle of pills or containers. You can also detect any signs of poisoning through smell. In case there are no symptoms of poison, you should move on with the first aid depending on whatever signs that you see and then call for emergency medical service as fast as possible. If there is some evidence, then you can move on with the first aid process for poison. The action you take should be determined by how the poison is affecting the body. If the poison is swallowed and the patient is still conscious and can swallow, you should give at least two ounces of water and call for help. When offering first aid for poison, never induce vomiting or give any syrup without instructions from a physician.

It is good to note that the contact number of a poison center should be in your first aid kit. When you contact the center, ensure that you have the container of the poison taken in order to give any information that is requested. As you give first aid for poison, you should note that substances such as acids can cause more harm as they did when going down the stomach, thus you must give something to neutralize it in the stomach.

First aid for Poison in other Body Parts

If the poison is in the eyes, it is necessary to wash the eyes with a lot of water for about ten minutes. This will be more effective if the water is lukewarm, but cold water can still work. In case it is the skin that is affected by the poison, the area need to be washed with a lot of water and soap. In case the poison is inhaled, take the patient where there is fresh air as quickly as possible. If this is not possible, ensure that the area is ventilated. The major principle of first aid for poison is not to panic and ensure you call for emergency service provider as fast as possible.

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