Different Levels of CPR Certification Course

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Different Levels of CPR Certification Course

CPR, AED and first aid training are very crucial skills that every person regardless of the profession should possess. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR can help save life if a person who has stopped breathing before the emergency health care provider arrives. There are mainly four types CPR certification course provided in Canada by the approved providers. Thus, when doing the selection of the course to take, it is important to select the one that fits your specific needs.

Adult CPR

This is the most common kind of certification provided. It is designed for general public to help them attain skills in AED use, first aid and CPR. Trainees also learn how to use the different barrier methods when giving first aid. The barrier methods are used over the mouth of the victim to avoid any transmission of diseases. The CPR certification course for the adults is designed for all people regardless of age or sex. The certification is given to any candidate who completes the course successfully.

Infant/infant CPR course

This level of CPR course is designed for individuals who are involved in caring for infants and children either at home, school or in child care centers. It does not matter whether a person is involved in part time or full time caring of the children, everyone need to take this CPR course. The entire course covers emergency first aid procedures that should be taken to help infants or children out of the medical emergencies. It also focuses on taking care of multiple victims.

Professional rescuers

This level of CPR certification course is developed for professional rescuers or individuals who are the first respondents at an emergency situation. The course mainly targets police officers, firefighters and emergency medical experts. It encompasses how to react and handle different emergency situations and how to respond effectively to any kind of an emergency. In addition, the professionals also learn in the best ways to prevent transmission of diseases and emergency oxygen protocols.

Health care personal training

This level of CPR training goes beyond the first respondents to professionals in the medical field such as nurses, doctors and others in the medical setting. This CPR certification course teaches all types of CPR, AED and first aid training for any individual regardless of size or age.

With all these levels available, it is the responsibility of an individual to look at the one that is more appropriate depending on the specific needs.

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