What Causes Itchy Hands And Feet?

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An allergic response is one of the most frequent causes of itchy feet and hands.
An allergic response is one of the most frequent causes of itchy feet and hands.
  • This generally takes place when skin cells grow quickly and then gather on the exterior of the skin.
  • This on-going ailment is generally genetic and you could get it from somebody already suffering from the ailment.
  • Usual symptoms of this condition include irritated palms and soles.

Though, you might also experience the following:

  • Red skin blotches or bumps filled with pus
  • Hard or inflamed joints
  • Discomfort in the affected region
  • Irritation in other sections of the body – face, lower back, elbows, and knees


  • Another cause for inflamed palms and feet might also be because of eczema.
  • This disorder results when the skin starts to swell.
  • Even though there are various different kinds of eczema that can affect your body, a type of eczema identified as dyshidrotic dermatitis is the central cause for itchy feet and hands.

Dyshidrotic dermatitis, apart from inflammation, may cause other symptoms such as:

  • Sores
  • Splintered and red or aching skin
  • Scales surrounding the affected skin


  • Itchy hands and feet can also be caused by a bite by the itch mite – the central origin of scabies.
  • The pest enters the outer layer of your skin to place their eggs, thus producing itchiness and inflammation.
  • This disorder is likely to extend to different parts of the body.
  • Itchy hands and feet are more widespread among young kids than adults.

Though, this disorder also causes the following:

  • Irritation in particular regions of the body including the wrist, armpit, elbow as well as between the fingers
  • Rash produced by an occurrence of hives
  • Small scales and sores
  • Blisters


  • An allergic response is one of the most frequent causes of itchy feet and hands.
  • It may be from something you touch or eat.
  • You might not see the symptoms straightway.

Allergies might also cause:

  • A rash
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Stinging and a hot feeling on your feet and hands
  • Sores
  • Hives

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