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Preparing for Biological Emergencies

Biological emergencies refer to situations where there is a spread of infective micro-organisms or substances that lead to illnesses. Viruses, bacteria, and poisons cause biological emergencies. These unwanted micro-organisms can be spread into the air, put into drinking water, or used to contaminate food products. It is also possible for viruses and bacteria to spread through […]

Preventing Household Burns

Every year, about two million individuals suffer burn injuries, and around 70,000 of them require hospitalization. In fact, burns are among the leading causes of injuries in children. They are also the greatest tragedies that are actually preventable. Here are steps you can take to avoid household burns. • When cooking, do not leave the […]

Heading For an Outdoor Adventure? Learn Wilderness and Outdoor First Aid First

Canadians simply love the outdoors – mountain biking, trekking, hiking and camping in the wilderness offer a great way to unwind from the hectic and busy city life. But all outdoor activities entail a certain degree of risk. Would you be able to react promptly and properly in case an accident occurs or if someone […]

Preparing for Natural Disasters

No matter how hard we try to predict the earth’s weather, it still remains very mysterious. Man has spent thousands of years developing sophisticated technology to decipher weather patterns, but until today weather and meteorology is still an inaccurate science. All we can do is to plan and prepare for disasters of nature. Climate Change […]

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